About Art Center

My name is Sheryl Benjy, I am an artist and the founder and owner of ​Canvas Kidz.  I started painting at the age of 8 and began to paint professionally 4 years ago.  Art has helped me grow in so many ways and I wanted to share my talent with others and help them reach their full potential.   I noticed that so many of my students put themselves down for not creating the perfect work of art.  Because of this, I not only teach techniques but I work on a spiritual level with my students, where I incorporate positive self-talk and self-image.  I always teach my students that there is beauty in imperfection.
I also noticed a growing need in art classes when schools started cutting back on funding for the arts.  I wanted to make it convenient for parents and kids to experience art in their home without the mess to clean up after.  I bring art to your place or you can come to my home, it's all up to you.